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About Me

From Chicago Illinois, I began acting at the age of 3. Realized my passion for acting during the filming of my first student film "Marlin". I was being shoved out of a window, wearing only a  thin red onesie with a butt flap, at 2am -on our 16th hour of filming, in the middle of winter, out in some forest in Indiana- when the AD said, "that's a wrap". I immediately ran to my mom and said "noo I don't want to leave I love this!" My mom had no idea what she was in for.


Since then I moved to Los Angeles, where I also discovered stunts and action training. This came in handy when getting an audition for Power Rangers Beast Morphers. I spent 9 months  living in New Zealand for the filming of Rangers, acting as, Zoey the Yellow Ranger.  

Besides my love of acting, kicking butt, and onsies, I love being a goofball! Amongst my acting friends and coaches, I am called De Niro for my spot on classic De Niro "you talkin to me" mug I am often  making. 

The goal - the next Jason Bourne... Jackie Bourne.

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