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Cheer Camp Killer                Charlotte                   Randy Carter 

Top of the Class                    Nicole                        Andrew Lawrence

The Root of Perfection        Caroline Peppers     Cole Daniel Hills

End of the World                  Sarah Fisher             Maximillian Elfeldt

The Lumi Project                  Scout                          Nancy Duff

Last of Us                               Ellie                            Kaitlyn Berry

Another Yesterday               Kim                             Steven Heil

Love.Meet.Hope.                  Belle                           Bennie Woodell

Man of Steel                          Student #2                Zack Snyder

Dhoom3                                 Dancer                       Big Rock LLC

I Heart Shakey                       Extra                          Kevin Cooper

Manic                                      Molly                          Andrea Nicole

The Witch                               Flora age 15              Kreuz Chan

Midnight Rider                      Nora                           Harrison Rothman

Zombie Girl                            Jess                             Norman Franklin

Moroii                                     Spooky Kid 1             Jeanean Eldridge

Admitted                                Sid                              David Romo

The Treehouse                      Angela                        Sam Shapson

Porcelain                                Isabella                      Samantha Smith

Dark Was The Night             Maribel                      Samantha Smith

Falls of the Neuse                 Katherine                  Sean Winans

No Saving Seats                    Sarah                          Justin Hayward

No Safe Harbor                     Anna                          Curtis Williams

Forgiveness Next Door        Ashleigh                    Solomon Adakal

When You're Gone               Becky                         Nicholas Stramaglia

Beast                                      Maggie                       Norman Franklin

Nanuq                                    Dylan                          Jill Jones

True Tale Monster                Lily Rose                    Maiko Tomita

Hampton Farms                   Anna                           Richared Mastioanni

When Skies are Blue            Lisa                             Tony Nawrocki

I Magick                                  Julia                            Kinga Kowalczyk

Marlin                                     Fawn                          Matt Dworzanczyk


Dancing - Hip Hop/Jazz/Modern/Pointe

Stunt Fighting



Sword Fighting

Accents- (British, Scottish, French, New York, Southern)

Power Rangers Beast Morphers      Zoey/Yellow Ranger      Nickelodeon Network

Dinner for Six (Pilot)                          Sarah                               Matthew Cederblom/Brittani Boyd

Criminal Minds                                   Foley Daughter #!          CBS

Geometry (Pilot)                                 Kimberly                          MDB Productions

Touch                                                   Young Amelia                  Fox

Commercials (partial list)

Recovery in Motion

Batteries Plus

Five Below

Sendik's Grocery Store

KIA Car Commercial

Hair Detaingling Brush (infomercial)

Disney Destinations

Marked Private Invite Bandz

Museum of Science and Industry

Navy Pier


Crate and Barrel

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